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Troubleshooting Guide - Library Website: Common Computer Problems

Computer Problems

Are you getting some other sort of error on a library computer or other device (smart phone, etc.)? 

Is there another one nearby that you can use (another computer if you are having a problem on the first computer, etc.)?  If so, what happens when you try the same thing on that computer or device?

  • (If it works on the second machine but not the first, this does not solve the problem - but you can now explain to the librarian that the problem is specific to computer # 123, for example.)

What other programs or applications are you using? 

  • Some programs or websites use a lot of network bandwidth and/or computer resources. 
  • You may want to try closing some of those other applications, and then try again.

Have you attempted to reboot the machine and try again?

  • Note that some machines perform certain tasks better after they have been shut down and restarted.