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EDL 549: Data-Driven Decision-Making

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Selected Books

Book cover for Collective Genius, Linda A. Hill (author)
Book cover for The Ethics of Educational Leadership, Ronald W. Rebore (editor)
Book cover for Fundamental Concepts of Educational Leadership and Management, Taher A. Razik (author)
Leadership Strategies in the Age of Big Data, Algorithms, and Analytics, Norton Paley (author)
Leading Digital, George Westerman (author)

Selected eBooks

Catching Up or Leading the Way, Yong Zhao (author)
Change Leadership in Higher Education, Jeffrey L. Buller (author)
Educational Leadership, Clive Dimmock (author)
Passage Through the Threshold of Technological Change, Elizabeth Majocha (author)
Understanding Educational Leadership, Hugh Busher (author)
Values for Educational Leadership, Graham Haydon (author)