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Occupational Therapy

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Selected Books & eBooks

Pedretti's occupational therapy, Heidi McHugh Pendleton and Winifred Schultz-Krohn (editors)
Occupational therapy essentials for clinical competence, Karen Jacobs and Nancy MacRae (editors)
Occupational therapy assessments for older adults, Kevin Bortnick (editor)
Measuring occupational performance, Mary C. Law (editor)
Documentation manual for occupational therapy, Crystal A. Gateley (author)
The essential guide for newly qualified occupational therapists, Ruth Parker (editor)
Strategies for collaborating with children, Clare Curtin (author)
Developing occupation-centered programs with the community, Linda S. Fazio (author)
Occupation-Centred Practice with Children, Sylvia Rodger (editor)
Preparing for the Occupational Therapy Assistant National Board Exam, Rosanne DiZazzo-Miller (editor)