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Feedback from Students at JU

  • "I love the set up that [the librarian] made for us. [The librarian] made it very easy to understand and explained it in detail." Engl 101 student
  • "[The Librarian] was extremely helpful in helping us gain a better understanding of library databases." Pol 420 student
  • "So informational! Wish I would have known about this Freshman year." Mgt 308 student
  • "I'm happy she taught this because I learned a lot I didn't know" Engl 103 student

  • "Everything I learned today was useful information that I will apply to my research!" Kin 499 student
  • "I learned a lot more about how awesome the library is at JU."  Engl 103 student
  • "Got me excited to continue my research" Kin 499 student