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Library Support for Remote Teaching


The Library has access to over 100 databases. Start here to see a comprehensive list of all of our databases and to narrow the list down by subject area. 


Search A-Z Journals to find and access electronic journals available from the Library.

Faculty can permalink directly to journal articles in Blackboard or Canvas (see below).

Linking to Journal Articles in Databases

Access the permalink for EBSCO results by selecting "Permalink" on the right

1. Click on any title in your EBSCOhost results to get to the Detailed Record view.
2. Click on "Permalink" on the right side.
3. Copy the permalink from the window and paste into your course.

Screenshot of an article in JSTOR with the Remote Access URL highlighted


1. Click on the title you want to link to in your JSTOR results.
2. Look for the Remote Access URL when viewing the item.

3. Copy the URL and paste into your course.

Ovid Jumpstart URL example

1. Locate and select the "Email Jumpstart" link to the right of the article.
2. Copy the Jumpstart URL and paste into your course.

A blue box highlights the "Abstracts/Details" tab in ProQuest

A blue box highlights the Document URL used for permalinking

1. Click on the "Abstract/Details" tab of the article you want in ProQuest. 
2. Scroll down to find the Document URL.
3. Copy the URL and paste into your course.

1. Find the URL of the article in the address bar.
2. Before pasting the URL into your course, you will need to add the library proxy.


Here is the library proxy:

Add the library proxy to the front of the ScienceDirect URL:

3. Once you've added the library proxy to the ScienceDirect URL, copy and paste the link into your course.