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Library Support for Remote Learning


The Library has access to over 100 databases. Start here to see a comprehensive list of all of our databases and to narrow the list down by subject area. If you need assistance getting started with your research or have questions about a specific database, check out our Book-a-Librarian service.


Search A-Z Journals to find and access electronic journals available from the Library.

Begin your search by typing in the journal name you're looking to access, then select "Search." As you type the name of the journal, the name might autofill in a dropdown list for you to select from.

Screenshot of the search box available on the A-Z Journals page

When the results appear, you will have the option to search the journal from a search box or select "Full Text Access" to access the journal in a specific database.

Screenshot of a journal search box and accompanying list of access to the journal in databases.

If you search doesn't return any results, check the spelling of the journal title. If you continue to bring back no results, the Library may not have access to that specific journal. In this instance, please reach out to us.