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Fall 2018 Library Instruction Statistics

Fall 2018 Library Instruction Statistics

  • 1,562 Jacksonville University students (73 classes) received librarian-led information literacy instruction.
  • 34 Faculty members requested librarian-led information literacy instruction.
  • 65% of the librarian-led information literacy instruction sessions were held outside of the library building.
  • 191 students received plagiarism instruction.

Library Instruction Student Survey - Fall 2018

What was the most useful thing you learned in this library instruction session? (Student Comments)

How to get the resources
How to access research websites and how to specify a specific topic on my papers to come.
That the librarians can help with citing for my paper.
how to search a database
that I could book a librarian to help me with research projects
learning about booking a librarian
Database, course guide, and keyword searches
the time the library will be open and all the resources.
how to use the library portal better
That you can schedule a meeting with a librarian too help you.
database guide
Different research websites
how the library works and how it can help me
I didn't know you could get books on loan from other libraries
where and what databases were accessible
how to use the library databases
How available the library is
How there is a certain library link for my class.
How to access the databases
Accessing search engines to provide useful sources that gave specific information that was desired.
That librarians can help me look for sources
the research databases
How to use the library website.
The correct way to do research.
Looking for different source and how sub links are helpful
How to access the databases.
Accessing the books for chapters. A lot of research that will be needed will come from texts such as history books, so that will come in handy.
How to find and access books or websites to find sources and so on.
The most useful thing I learned was the meaning of secondary sources and scholarly sources
I learned about what secondary sources were and how to find them.
How to use the databases
showing the resources that could be used
How to do research more in depth
How to properly search for scholarly sources
How to successfully use the data bases provided by JU
How to access the sources I need for my project and how to filter my searches and look for credible sources
How to properly look for academic articles
How to use and find sources to help us find out sources for not only this project but for projects in other classes in the future
what a monograph is
How to access the databases
what scholarly sources were
You can't use the given citation from a website because they are often incorrect. Also that a monograph is a book.
how to search online
places to look for scholarly articles
the research website
The access to my secondary sources
The ways to limit the amount of articles or books.
how to find sources
How to evaluate sources
Characteristics to look for
finding scholarly sources
How to evaluate sources
scholarly vs popular sources
The outline for credible sources
Easy indicators for scholarly papers
How to look at articals
difference between popular and scholarly articles
Scholarly journals are more reputable than popular journals.
How to reach data bases
Properly searching for sources
The five ways to evaluate a se ondary source.
Academic Search Complete
how to read a reliable source from an unreliable one
I knew that we had a program called Book-A-Librarian, but I had no idea what that meant or what it could be used for, so during this session I learned a lot about that. I also learned a great deal on how to operate the databases JU offers, which is definitely helpful.
Locating Articles
i learned about the intricacies of life
That the librarians could help with sourcing and that there is study room that you could check out
How to search up different books in the library and how long you can check out books for.
That you can get other things in the library besides books. Also, you can get books from any other library beside this one.
that we can use the computer lab for free and if we are looking for any book that is not in the library then they can bring to us from different university
calculators can be lent
How to use the databases
Looking up books
When the librarians were available and that there was 11 study rooms.
How to schedule a librarian
the sources it provides and how to actually use it
About the research search for books.
The research center was the most useful thing i learned today.
How to look and find books
How to site in my papers
How to help cite for APA paper
How to navigate through the online database
Reference and study rooms, paper help
i learned how to locate books for specific classes
APA Formatting
Library appointments
The resources website
how to use library tool
The website
how to navigate the library database and how to narrow down search results
The search engine that could narrow my results for me.
mla 7 and 8
How to work the library website fully.
How to use the library to find information.
That I can book a librarian
finding sources
book a librarian
That I am able to book-a-librarian when I need help with my research topic.
How to access the library's database
There is a lot of sources to help you research
how to cite
my way on the library website
How to use the library database
Peer reviews
The different ways to find resources
Book a librarian
The research and pro and cons page
How to cite sources
How to get my research
You can meet with a librarian
Where to find credible sources
Finding ebooks/books through the catalog
How to cite sources
How to get in contact with the library and how to format citations
The EBooks that are available just in case you are off campus or can not make it to campus.
The amount of things we have access to
How to find a use the content specific databases. Those things are dope.
That there is a business specific research guide.
The research database
How to narrow searches
Accessing the reference department and creating a session to achieve a good research paper
How to use the library database
Researching for reports and citations.
Booking a librarian
Learning how to source
that you can check out items for a certain period
How to cite sources and find articles
That the website can give you pointers with citations
That I can order books from other library’s.
Good tools
I learned about to online library
How to find spacific sources
How to cite sources correctly
How to research for scholarly articles
Library has quiet study rooms
Research guide
Web research
how to find an article or book source for a specific topic
how to use the data base
The Research tab that we were given to search things.
How to use and utilize the research guide.
Pro/Con website and Pew Research Center links
how to look for papers/books that contain the information that I will need for my paper
The most useful thing that I learned today was that there are more than just websites that I can get my information from.
Web resaerch
Pro/Con website and Pew Research Center links
Looking for credible sources.
Using the database
how to use my account
How to find sources and their credibility
that the library still has books
how to access scholarly cites
The data base information.
how to know how scholarly a website is
how to navigate the databases
how to find sources
Where to find databases
All of the help available to us as students
sited sources
Where to go to help me citing sources.
How to look things up
The link to Credo
how to find articles
How to find resources
Searching Database
learning how to find sources
being able to have a new way to search things that are okay to use in my classes and writings.
how to find E-book related to my topic
How to use the sites
How to find sources
How to use the library's database for an upcoming research paper.
how to find topics for a research paper
The resources that are provided
All the resources from the online library
which sites were most useful for my research topic
the different data basis
That there are web sources on the research guides
find info for my topic


What was the least useful thing you learned in this library instruction session? (Student Comments)

Everything was good
How to log into My Ju
not was all useful
everything was useful
where Johnson lab is
That the library has fans.
Everything was useful
where the computer lab is
there are books in the library
how to write
the web databases
How to check out a book.
Nothing was useless.
Everything was useful in the presentation
we visited a lot of unneeded information
Book a Librarian, while I think it is cool and I may need the librarian assistance, the presentation was a bit heavy on this information.
book a librarian
Nothing was useful that I learned.
N/A, everything was useful
how to find the JU library page
Citing Resources
Ghiradelli chcocolate is expensive
Every detail was important and useful.
how to search in different resource
1993 was 25 years ago
Looking up author
Things I already knew about Google
Wherw the ju website was.
nothing, the presentation was useful
There wasn't much I learned that wasn't useful!
Locating Journals
everything is useful in some way ;)
Where the library is
The location of the library.
There was no information that was least useful.
that library open even in the weekend
accessing the website
The databases because I have learned about them before.
It was all helpful
i believe everything was very useful
how to log in
Knowing where the books were.
How to find books
Where to check out books
how to get to the llibrary page
Everything was helpful
the citing
nothing all importnant
popular vs scholarly
The difference between the two chocolates.
Everything was useful
proper way to cite
nothing is useless
how to log in to my JU
to much information at once
How to find sources to get information.
It was all very useful.
Everything was useful
Everything was useful!!
Tutor center
Nothing everything was new
google scholar
Nothing everything was useful
nothing everything was good
Researching a topic
Nothing it was all very informative being new with the library
Nothing it was all very informative.
How to reference something
Where the library was
The uno and bored games in the library
All information that was taught was useful
Everything was useful to me
Library has computer lab
Nothing, everything was helpful.
i thought the session was very useful
I don't have a least useful thing
all of this was useful
I don't think there was anything that wasn't helpful.
everything was useful
I don't have a least useful thing
not sure
how to use a book
it was all pretty useful
nothing, everything was useful
The information about books.
How to use the website
what the library is used for bc i already got this talk previously
Book a librarian
They were all useful
I learned many useful things
that there were only 5 people here and i find it kinda pointless that everyone was not here. so now only certain people have retained information instead of the entire class. but im sure we will get a recap on monday
i dont know honestly i thought this was very helpful
Some people really think college athletes should be paid
learning how to log in
My topic wasn't on them :(


Additional Student Comments:

Great instruction!
:D lol
It was good.
It was very good just a bit long
Thank you!
I thought the instructor was very helpful
thank you
great presentation
Thank you for your time! And information
Thank you for this presentation!
The chocolate reference was helpful
Great presentation!
She was really good and well spoken and super sweet.
I'm happy she taught this because I learned a lot I didn't know
i feel more comfortable with the library and checking out books now
Thank you!
well taught
this was awesome
Thank you
This was very helpful
she taught me a lot about information that I really need
Thank You
thank you for presentation
This was very useful.
Good presentation.
Great job! Interesting and easy to listen to.
So informational! Wish I would have known about this Freshman year. Maybe teach at a JU 101 class!!
Thank you for taking your time to come and talk to us about the amazing resources at JU
Good presentation
She Was Nice and very presentable
I love the set up that Nancy made for us. She made it very easy to understand and explained it in detail.
helpful presentation
This class was great!
Keep it up
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great information
Useful source
thank you for your time today it really helped
This was pretty cool.
Thanks for taking time to show us all about the databases