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Faculty Services

Welcome Faculty!

The Swisher Library offers a wide variety of services and resources to support you and your students. Browse the navigation menu to learn more about library instruction, course reserves, interlibrary loan, and more. The faculty and staff of the Swisher Library look forward to working with you. 

Popular Library Services for Faculty

Faculty librarians at the Swisher Library are available to provide information literacy instruction in-person or virtually. Visit our Library Instruction Menu to find the right information literacy class workshop for your class.

Browse the Library Instruction Menu

Interlibrary loan (or ILL) is a free service through which Swisher Library borrows materials from other institutions on your behalf. No library can own everything, so ILL is designed to supplement library resources through relationships with other libraries around the world. 

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan

Our course reserves collection is a collection of class textbooks and readings provided by professors. Materials in this collection are checked out for use within the library for short periods of time. Course reserves are available during staffed library hours.

Submit a Faculty Course Reserves Request

Is there an item you would like to see in our collection? Are there any databases you are interested in? Is there a particular journal you think we need? Swisher Library's vision is to inspire and facilitate academic excellence and a life-long dedication to learning through innovative programs, services, information resources, tools, and partnerships that prepare our students for service and success in a rapidly changing world. The Library seeks to acquire resources that support the university’s teaching, research, and public missions, in alignment with the Library’s collection development philosophy and vision.

Suggest a Library Purchase Library Acquisition Policy

The Swisher Library offers course guides to support academic programs at Jacksonville University. These guides provide students with a central location to access library-owned and authoritative resources specific to a subject or course, while helping students develop information literacy and research skills.  

Learn more about Course Guides

Additional Library Resources

You are welcome to copy and paste the following block of text into your syllabus:

Librarians at the Swisher Library are available to help you with all of your information needs.  Librarians can help you choose a topic, use databases, find sources, evaluate sources, and format your citations.  To schedule an appointment to meet with a librarian visit the Library's website at  You can also contact the Library at 904-256-7277 or e-mail for assistance.

Going to a conference?  Unable to attend class?  Need a substitute?

Faculty librarians at Swisher Library will be glad to fill-in for you by providing information literacy instruction.

How to schedule:

  1. Schedule a library instruction session at least 1 week in advance.
  2. Let us know which library information literacy lesson you would like for us to cover.  Pick from the many sessions listed on our Library Instruction Menu. If students don't need research assistance, librarians also offer general information literacy lessons on topics such as plagiarism, website evaluation, evaluating sources, etc.

The librarian will...

  1. Provide library instruction.  Pick from the many library instruction sessions listed on our Library Instruction Menu.
  2. Take attendance
  3. Email you an attendance list
  4. Email you student feedback from the session

Database Linking

Access the permalink for EBSCO results by selecting "Permalink" on the right


  1. Click on any title in your EBSCOhost results to get to the Detailed Record view.
  2. Click on "Permalink" on the right side.
  3. Copy the permalink from the window and paste into your course.

Screenshot of an article in JSTOR with the Remote Access URL highlighted


  1. Click on the title you want to link to in your JSTOR results.
  2. Find the "Item details" heading and click to expand.
  3. Look for the Remote Access URL.
  4. Copy the URL and paste into your course.

Ovid Jumpstart URL example


  1. Locate and select the "Email Jumpstart" link to the right of the article.
  2. Copy the Jumpstart URL and paste into your course.


A blue box highlights the "Abstracts/Details" tab and document URL

  1. Click on the "Abstract/Details" tab of the article you want in ProQuest. 
  2. Scroll down to find the Document URL.
  3. Copy the URL and paste into your course.


  1. Find the URL of the article in the address bar.
  2. Before pasting the URL into your course, you will need to add the library proxy.
    Here is the library proxy:
    Add the library proxy to the front of the ScienceDirect URL:
  3. Once you've added the library proxy to the ScienceDirect URL, copy and paste the link into your course.