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Digital Media Lab

Welcome to the Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab in the Swisher Library is a collaborative project between the Swisher Library and Academic Technology. The Lab - located on the main floor of the Swisher Library - is is home to a One Button Studio and podcast space. 

The One Button Studio equipment allows users to create video recordings of presentations with just the touch of one button. The space includes a green screen background, camera equipment, and lighting. The podcast space includes...

How to Use the Digital Media Lab

Before Reserving the Lab

Before reserving the Digital Media Lab, users are required to read and understand the Lab policies. 

What to Bring to the Lab

Users must bring a USB drive to save presentations to.


How to Reserve the Lab

Users can book the Lab for up to two hours per session.

Visit the Library’s Circulation Desk and show the library employee your reservation. The library employee will unlock the Lab.


  • Up to four users are allowed in the Lab at one time.
  • When finished with the Lab, please remove all personal belongings.
  • No covering is to be placed over the room windows.
  • Furniture is not to be moved in or out of the Lab except by authorized staff.
  • The user who reserves the Lab assumes full responsibility for loss or damage to any equipment, furniture, and other items in the Lab.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the Digital Media Lab.
  • The use of the Digital Media Lab is for educational purposes only.

Lab Hours and Support

Lab Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Lab is available for reservations from Monday, March 29 through Friday, April 16.

Call Academic Technology at 904-256-7527