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Feedback from Faculty at JU

  • Thank you.  The students gave me very positive feedback about your presentations.  What I noticed is that they seem to be taking research more seriously now and see its relevance.  Although I've been stressing this all term sometimes hearing it from a different perspective brings understanding.  -  College of Arts and Sciences Professor

  • Thank you for your presentation - I learned so much (and I am sure the students did too!).  I just LOVE our library- it is the best EVER!!  Thank you for being willing to come over to our classes.  -  College of Arts and Sciences Professor

  • I wanted to thank you again for your time and dedication to my [class] this afternoon.  Their final projects will be of much higher quality because they now know how to search academic databases.   -  College of Arts and Sciences Professor
  • Wow... you are a HIT!  Thank you so much for coming and I too look forward to working with you in the future!  - BRCHS Professor
  • "The library workshops are such a great addition to our campus!" - JU 101 Professor
  • "I love that the students now love the library!  Thank you for making these classes possible." - JU 101 Professor