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New Chemistry eBooks from the Swisher Library


The Swisher Library's faculty and staff have been hard at work to ensure that the books on our physical shelves reflect the current important research, interesting instruction, and varied interests of our patrons. This page features all the newest materials on chemistry we are adding to our virtual shelves. Finally, if you have a book or item you'd like the Swisher Library to consider for acquisition, please send us that information using the Acquisitions Suggestion Form.

New Chemistry Books

Cover Art for Chemistry for Breakfast, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim (author)
Cover Art for Chemistry Student Success, Amy Johnson, et al. (editors)
Cover Art for Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry, Johnathan Law and Richard Rennie (editors)
Cover Art for Engaging Learners with Chemistry, Ilka Parchmann and Shirley Simon (editors)
Cover Art for Integrating Professional Skills into Undergraduate Chemistry Curricula, Kelly Y. Neiles and Pamela S. Mertz (editors)
Cover Art for Machine Learning in Chemistry, Hugh M. Cartwright (Editor)
Cover Art for Understanding General Chemistry, Atef Korchef (author)
Cover Art Understanding Advanced Chemistry Through Problem Solving, Kim Seng Chan and Jeanne Tan (author)
Cover Art for Student Reasoning in Organic Chemistry, Nicole Graulich and Ginger Shultz (editors)
Cover Art for Comprehensive Organic Chemistry Experiments for the Laboratory Classroom, Carlos A. M. Afonso, et al. (editors)
Cover Art for Problems of Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, Jose Manuel Andrade-Garda (author)
Cover Art for Biochemistry in the Lab, Benjamin F. Lasseter (author)
Cover Art for Physical Chemistry, Ramprasad Misra (author)
Cover Art for Laboratory Safety for Chemistry Students, Robert H. Hill and David C. Finster (authors)
Cover Art for Discovering Cosmetic Science, Stephen Barton and Allan Eastham (editors)
Cover Art for Mathematics for Physical Chemistry, Robert G. Mortimer and S. M. Blinder (authors)
Cover Art for Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology, Robert C. Smart and Ernest Hodgson (authors)
Cover Art for Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, Thirty-Second Edition, Peter J. Kennelly, et al. (authors)

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