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NUR 630: Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Literature Review

Learn about the literature review process in this video from NC State University Libraries.

Evidence Based Medicine/Practice Databases for Searching Filtered Information

Additional Databases for Nursing Literature Reviews

Evidence is not always available via filtered resources. Searching the primary literature may be required. It is possible to use specific search strategies in MEDLINE and other databases to achieve the highest possible level of evidence.

A Review by Any Other Name

Literature reviews can range from quick and dirty to detailed and thorough.  When searching for the evidence or working under the title of 'evidence based' it's best to be as detailed and thorough as possible.

This means

  • documenting your work - where & how you searched;
  • searching multiple databases;
  • using multiple terms for each of your PICO concepts;
  • using AND/OR (Boolean logic);
  • asking a librarian for assistance, if needed.