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Special Collections

Treasure Collection

Since the early days of the library many people have made donations. Like most libraries some of these donations were of monetary value and some of the donations were of books to help build the many collections in the library. There have also been some very significant donations of items that are very rare. Over the years these generous gifts grew in size to deserve their own specialized collection. The Treasure Collection is the result of the many decades of rare donations.

Rare Books - The majority of the Treasure Collection is composed of these rare books. Books on Florida history, early editions of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, old map folios, first edition books, and books signed by famous authors are located in the Treasure Collection.

Artwork - The collection also includes artwork such as Cabin at Osage, Arkansas by Louis Freund, the working model of Life (Winged Victory), and the Pulitzer Prize winning photograph The Kiss of Life signed by the photographer Rocco Morabito.

Artifacts - Many items in the collection are over a century old including a Go game set, a Blickensderfer Model 7 typewriter, a Keystone View Company Lantern Slide Projector with many slides, and an early G.S. Riggs Orange Sizer agricultural packing device.