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Special Collections

Delius Collection

"In Florida, through sitting and gazing at nature,

I gradually learned the way in which I should

eventually find myself. . ."   - Frederick Delius

The Delius Collection contains items of the famous English composer Frederick Delius (1862-1934). During his early years Delius stayed in Florida around the Jacksonville area. He lived in an area called Solano Grove and his dwelling place was eventually moved to the campus of Jacksonville University where it was restored. For many years there was a Delius Festival that celebrated the works of the composer.

The collection has many books published about the composer. The collection also has rare Delius items that have been donated to the library. The program guides of the Delius Festival are also stored in the collection.


JPL Delius Collection - In addition to Jacksonville University, the Jacksonville Public Library also has many items of the composer.

The Delius Society - The society publishes the Delius Society Journal and provides more information relating to his life and work.