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Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. The Swisher Library has many items, in print and electronic formats, available to learn about Asian and Pacific American people, culture, heritage, history, stories, and more. 

The books linked on this guide are a small sample of what the Library has available. Search the Library's catalog for additional resources. There are also numerous streaming videos on this guide that are available through Kanopy to our patrons. These streaming videos offer educational and intimate looks at Asian and Pacific Islanders' lives, ideas, art, and more. Visit Kanopy's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month hub to explore more streaming videos. 

To learn more about Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, visit the Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month official website from the Library of Congress. 

Books and eBooks

Cover Art for Making Asian American Film and Video, Jun Okada (author)
Cover Art for From Canton Restaurant to Panda Express, Haiming Liu (author)
Cover Art for Iranians in Texas, Mohsen Mostafavi Mobasher (author)
Cover Art for Confinement and Ethnicity, Jeffery F. Burton, et al. (authors)
Cover Art for Samurai among Panthers, Diane C. Fujino (author)
Cover Art for Nepali Migrant Women, Shobha Hamal Gurung and Dorothy Smith (authors)
Cover Art for Margins and Mainstreams : Asians in American History and Culture, Gary Y. Okihiro (author)
Cover Art for Drawing New Color Lines, Monica Chiu (Editor)
Cover Art for The First Fifteen, Susan Oki Mollway (author)
Cover Art for Suburban Sahibs, S. Mitra Kalita (author)
Cover Art for Flashpoints for Asian American Studies, Cathy Schlund-Vials (Editor)
Cover Art for Redefining Japaneseness, Jane H. Yamashiro (author)
Cover Art for Pool of Life, Kailash Puri and Eleanor Nesbitt (authors)
Cover Art for The Resilient Self, Chien-Juh Gu (author)
Cover Art for Techno-Orientalism, David S. Roh (editor)
Cover Art for Buddha is Hiding, Aihwa Ong (author)
Cover Art for Media Events 2.0 China, Jian Xu (author)
Cover Art for The Color of Success, Ellen D. Wu (author)
Cover Art for Pure Beauty, Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain (author)
Cover Art for Haunting the Korean Diaspora, Grace M. Cho (author)

Streaming Videos

Cover Art for Soul of a Banquet, Wayne Wang (director)
Cover Art for Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, Steve James (director)
Cover Art for August at Akiko's, Christopher Makoto Yogi (director)
Cover Art for Lucky Grandma, Sasie Sealy, et al. (directors)
Cover Art for Seadrift, Tim Tsai (director)
Cover Art for A Lot Like You: Exploring Multiracial Identity, Eliaichi Kimaro (director)
Cover Art for Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town, Maria Hinojosa (director)
Cover Art for The Interpreters, Andres Caballero and Sofian Khan (directors)
Cover Art for Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World, Faris Kermani and Mike Smith (directors)
Cover Art for Kū Kanaka (Stand Tall): A Native Hawaiian Leader, Marlene Booth (director)
Cover Art for First to Go: Story of the Kataoka Family, Myles Matsuno (director)
Cover Art for Who Is Arthur Chu?: A Jeopardy Champion Fighting for Social Change, Yu Gu and Scott Drucker (directors)

Books from the Graphic Novel and Juvenile Collections

Cover Art for The Waiting, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim (author)
Cover Art for American Born Chinese, Gene Luen Yang (Creator)
Cover Art for Almost American Girl, Robin Ha (Creator)
Cover Art for Rani Patel in Full Effect, Sonia Patel (author)
Cover Art for Zen Shorts, Jon J. Muth (author)
Cover Art for The Magic Fish, Trung Le Nguyen (author)
Cover Art for Huda F Are You?, Huda Fahmy (author)
Cover Art for XOXO, Axie Oh (author)
Cover Art for Embrace Your Size, hara (author)
Cover Art for Grandfather's Journey, Eve Bunting (author)
Cover Art for 96 Words for Love, Rachel Roy and Ava Dash (authors)
Cover Art for Everything Is Beautiful, and I'm Not Afraid, Yao Xiao (author)
Cover Art for Red, White, and Whole, Rajani LaRocca (author)
Cover Art for Inside Out and Back Again, Thanhhà Lai (author)
Cover Art for Sachiko, Caren Stelson (author)
Cover Art for A Single Shard, Linda Sue Park (author)
Cover Art for Farah Rocks Fifth Grade, Susan Muaddi Darraj (author)
Cover Art for The Arabic Quilt, Aya Khalil (author)
Cover Art for Finding Junie Kim, Ellen Oh (author)
Cover Art for Hush!, Minfong Ho (author)