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Federal and Florida Court System

Types of cases heard
Federal Court System State Court System

Cases that deal with the constitutionality of a law;

Cases involving the laws and treaties of the U.S.;

Cases involving ambassadors and public ministers;

Disputes between two or more states;

Admiralty law;

Bankruptcy; and

Habeas corpus issues.

Most criminal cases, probate (involving wills and estates)

Most contract cases, tort cases (personal injuries), family law (marriages, divorces, adoptions), etc.

State courts are the final arbiters of state laws and constitutions. Their interpretation of federal law or the U.S. Constitution may be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court may choose to hear or not to hear such cases.


Federal Courts

These are the three levels of the United States Federal Court System.

A chart that explains the three levels of U.S. Federal Court System.


United States Court of Appeals and United States District Courts