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Library Council

2019-2020 Library Council Officers

Kiante Mcclennon, President
Duties: preside at meetings, vote only in case of a tie, represent the club, perform other duties that pertain to this office.


Natalia Salcedo, Vice President
Duties: preside in the absence of the President, serve as chairperson of the program committee.

Jashma Cockhren, Secretary
Duties: record meeting minutes, keep records, maintain roster of membership, send notices of meetings, conduct general correspondence.

Arianny Rodriguez, Treasurer
Duties: receive all funds and process requests for payment, keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as directed.

Nancy Tucker, Faculty Advisor
Phone: 904-256-7266
Duties: the faculty advisor's role includes mentor, active participant, supervisor, policy interpreter, conflict mediator, and financial consultant.  The faculty advisor serves to equip and empower students to accomplish the mission of the Library Council.