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Course Reserves

Course Reserves Information

The purpose of the Course Reserves collection is to ensure the availability of materials for use by students for which individual copies are neither available nor practical. Reserves may include library or personal materials and may be in any usable format. Materials in this collection may be used by all students.

Due to an agreement between the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus and Jacksonville University, the Swisher Library is not able to purchase current textbooks to add to the Library’s collection(s) at this time. If a current textbook is donated to the Library, we are able to add that donated item to our collection(s).

Course Reserve lists are available through the Swisher Library’s website. Lists are accessible by the name of a professor or the course number. The catalog allows linking individual reserve lists to other courses or professors.

Please complete a Faculty Course Reserves Form for each course for which you are placing items on reserve. 


Because of space limitations, please limit your reserves to items that all students in your course are required to use.

(An example of a misuse of this policy might be a browsing collection of books by 19th-century British authors from which a student has to select one. A librarian can help you develop a bibliography that will serve the same purpose as well as provide students with experience in using the library).

Reference books should not be put on reserve. These items do not circulate and are always available when not in use. When necessary, library periodicals may be put on reserve to ensure availability. Most periodicals are available online through the Library’s database subscriptions.

Important note: The U.S. Copyright Act (17 U.S.C.) applies to photocopies and other reproductions. Photocopiers are available for students who desire a personal copy. Copyright restrictions require that CDs, DVDs, and other audiovisual materials on reserve must be originals. Please consult a librarian if you have any questions or concerns.

Please remember that the library lacks the space to store personal items during terms when the materials are not on reserve.  Library materials will be taken off reserve and reshelved at the end of each year. Please collect your personal items promptly or the items will be returned via interoffice mail.