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Need Research Assistance?


Make an appointment to meet one-on-one with a librarian with our Book-a-Librarian service. Appointments are scheduled for one hour. All appointments are currently conducted virtually. 

Make a Book-a-Librarian Appointment

Our librarians can help with:

  • Using the Library's resources effectively.
  • Evaluating sources.
  • Proper citing of sources using common citation styles.

Book-a-Librarian Reviews from Students

“[The Librarian] was very helpful with my APA formatting! She took time to look up anything she wasn’t positive on and was genuinely concerned about me doing well on my paper. So thankful that she took the time to look over my paper and make corrections so that I have the best chance of getting a good grade.”


“Thanks [librarian] for accepting my booking. You were really helpful and supportive assisting me with literature. Also, pointers on ProQuest and OVID databases. You are a great asset to the JU library.”


“[The librarian] was great! Her patience and calm demeanor made asking her questions or to repeat steps of the process easy. It was a very productive meeting.”


“[The librarian] was awesome and professional and made sure all my questions were asked and give me additional resources that would help me during this journey!”


“[The librarian] was very helpful. She's very professional yet friendly and approachable, never felt rushed while working with her so i was comfortable enough to actually be able to ask my basic questions and still was able to get clarifications.”


“Used this service twice and recommended it [a] hundred times. Both times were a pleasure and extremely beneficial.”