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Celebrate Women's History Month with the Swisher Library


March is Women's History Month. The Swisher Library has many items, in print and electronic formats, available to learn more about women's history and from female authors. The books linked on this guide are a small sample of what the Library has available. Search the Library's catalog for additional resources. In addition to the Kanopy Women's History Month video collection featured on this guide, you can also visit Kanopy's Women's History category, and their Notable Figures in Women's History category to stream even more great videos and documentaries. 

To learn more about Women's History Month, visit the Women's History Month collection and website from the Library of Congress. See what's going on at Jacksonville University to celebrate Women's History Month.


Cover Art for Kanopy's Women's History Month Collection
Cover Art for Women's History eBookshelf on ProQuest eBook Central
Cover Art for Women's History Materials in the Swisher Library
Cover Art for Women's History Month at Jacksonville University