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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Top FAQs


How do I borrow and renew materials?

To borrow items from the Library, bring your items to the Circulation Desk and provide your Dolphin 1Card (a.k.a. your student ID). You may renew most items in person, over the phone, or online. (Please be aware that some items are not available for renewal - see our Policies for more information.) To renew online, visit My Account on the Library's catalog. For more information, please contact the Library

What do I do if JU does not have the materials I need?

The Library's Interlibrary Loan department can assist you with access to items not owned by the Library. ILL service provides JU students, faculty, and staff with several options for locating and requesting library materials from other institutions.  For more information, see Interlibrary Loan or email

How do I access electronic resources on and off campus?

Using your JU ID and password, you can access electronic resources from any computer—on or off of campus. If you experience any issues with logging in to the Library's resources, please visit our troubleshooting guide.

Can I search all the resources of the JU Library in one search?

Searching our online catalog will deliver much of the content from our print and digital resources, including books, articles, images, manuscripts, data, sound recordings, and much more but it does not search all of the content. For deeper searches, use the individual databases.



How can I get help with my assignment, research paper or dissertation?

Our librarians are eager to assist you. Please contact a librarian for further information.



Does JU have electronic books that I can download?

The Library has a growing collection of electronic books, some of which can be downloaded. Check our catalog for titles.

Where did that e-resource go?

We occasionally withdraw resources for a number of reasons. Some resources are no longer available. Others are no longer free and funding could not be found. Trial subscriptions sometimes expire before a library sponsor for the resource could be found. If you are having difficulty locating an article or ebook you previously used or would like us to reinstate a resource, please let us know.

What if I'm informed an e-resource has reached the maximum number of users?

Some e-resources in the Library allow only a limited number of simultaneous users, so you should try again later.  If this happens frequently, please let us know.  



Are there group study/meeting spaces in the Library?

The Library offers group study rooms for JU students, faculty, and staff. To learn more about study rooms, please visit here

How do I print or make copies in the Library?

Printing is done in the IT-maintained computer lab on the main floor. There is a copier in this lab, as well as a copier adjacent to the Circulation Desk. All prints and copies must be paid with Dolphin Dollars. Wireless printing is unavailable at this time.

Can I work at the Library?

To find out information about available jobs, please visit our Student Employment page.

I can’t find the answer to my question in these FAQ – where can I get more help?

Contact the Library for library and research-related questions.