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Economic theory HB 1-3840
History of economics HB 75-130
Economic history and conditions HC 10-1085
Business cycles and economic fluctuations HB 3711-3840
Commerce HF 1-6182
Economic growth, development, planning HD 72-88

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Selected Books

The World Economy, Historical Statistics
The National Economy
Little Book of Big Ideas: Economics
Economics for the Common Good, Jean Tirole (author)

Selected eBooks

The Global Internet Economy, Bruce Kogut (editor)
Open Economy Macroeconomics, Asbjørn Rødseth (author)
Rules for the Global Economy, Horst Siebert (author)
The Ancient Economy, Walter Scheidel and Sitta von Reden (authors)
Macroeconomics and Development, Mario Damill, Martín Rapetti, and Guillermo Rozenwurcel (editors)