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ENGL 103 Controversial Issue / Argument Paper

Step 3. Analyze Your Issue

After selecting an issue and examining your assignment, now it's time to analyze your issue. 

Consider the following questions when analyzing your issue:

  • Who?
    • Who does this issue impact the most?  A specific age group, gender, ethnic background etc.?
    • Who are the key leaders speaking out about the controversial issue?
  • What?
    • What do the proponents say?  What is their argument? 
    • What do the opponents say?  What is their argument?
  • When?
    • Is this a current issue in the news?
    • Has this issue been around for a while?
    • Are there important dates associated with this issue?
  • Where?
    • Is this issue different in each state?  What about internationally? Think of laws, regulations, and public opinions.
  • Why?
    • Why is this issue controversial?