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Regional Reporters Map

Visit this interactive map to find the regional case reporters for all 50 states.

Regional Reporters Map (

Regional Reporters

When the federal courts and state appellate courts write an opinion, it is published in the proper reporter so it can be found easily. The West National Reporter system organizes the cases into regional reporters based on the Court's jurisdiction. There are seven national regional reporters: Atlantic, North Eastern, North Western, Pacific, South Eastern, South Western, and Southern. There is also a map in the front of each regional reporter volume to show which states are included in that reporter.  This is helpful because the reporters are not organized entirely by geography. For example, Ohio and New York are both in the North Eastern Reporter even though geographically, they are not close together, nor in the same federal circuit. 

Federal Reporters

The Federal Reporter is where the cases from the thirteen circuits of the United States Court of Appeals are organized and published. An example of a Federal Reporter citation: 

U.S. v. Johnson, 640 F.3d (6th Cir. 2011).