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Legal Research

Comprehensive guide to answer legal research questions.

Check your paper!

Use Control + F to check your paper for commonly misspelled words or for the words that spell check does not catch. 

Trail instead of Trial

Statue instead of Statute

Pubic instead of Public

Angel instead of Angle

God instead of Good

From instead of Form

Casual instead of Causal

Be Verbs

Be verbs are an easy way to indicate passive voice. Bryan Garner says to take out two thirds of be verbs and leave the remaining  in your writing.










Helpful Resources

There are several FREE resources that will help you to write clearly and concisely, so choose the one that resonates with you. 

Anything by Bryan Garner (editor of Black's Law Dictionary and considered to be an authority on legal writing).

Grammarly - This free online tool gives writing suggestions and checks your work as you go along. 

Plain English for Lawyers -  The National Jurist featured Plain English for Lawyers in its August 2021 list of "Three Books to Read During Law School." Free download!

Purdue OWL - This free online writing lab has lots of helpful instructional material.

A Few Writing Books in the Library and Resource Center