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Philosophy (general) B1-5802
Philosophers and schools of philosophy B108
Modern philosophy B790

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Selected Books

Cover art for Empty Ideas, Peter K. Unger (author)
Cover art for Philosophy's Artful Conversation, D.N. Rodowick (author)
Cover art for Existential Philosophy and the Promise of Education, Mordechai Gordon (author)
Cover art for On Romantic Love, Berit Brogaard (author)
Cover art for Consciousness and Moral Responsibility, Neil Levy (author)

Selected eBooks

The Philosophy of Luck, Duncan Pritchard and Lee John Whittington (editors)
The Philosophy of Art, Stephen Davies (author)
Philosophy and Philosophers, John Shand (author)
Philosophy, who needs it?, Jason D. Crowder (author)
Cover art for Philosophy of Science A-Z, Stathis Psillos and Oliver Leaman (authors)
Cover art for Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy

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