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Political science (general) JA
Political theory JC
International law JX
International relations JZ

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Selected Books

Cover art for The Court and the World, Stephen G. Breyer (author)
Cover art for When Does Gender Matter?, Kathleen A. Dolan (author)
Cover art for International Political Economy, James H. Nolt (author)
Cover art for Routledge Handbook of European Politics, Jose M. Magone (editor)
Cover art for U.S. International Trade Policy, W. Charles Sawyer (author)

Selected eBooks

Cover art for Political Parties in the Digital Age, Guy Lachapelle (author)
Cover art for Political Responsibility, Antonio Y. Vázquez Arroyo (author)
Cover art for The American Political Landscape, Byron E. Shafer and Richard H. Spady (authors)
Cover art for Presidents and Terminal Logic Behavior, Genevieve M. Kehoe (author)
Cover art for The International Relations of the EU, Steve Marsh and Hans Mackenstein (authors)

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