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Bluebook Citation

The Basics

Citation form for state statutes is similar to citing federal statutes.  However, each state has different rules for publishing statutes.  Though each state citation form will differ slightly, all citations will generally include:

  1. Abbreviate name of the state code.
  2. Name of the subject matter (if arranged by subject).
  3. Numerical information that indicates the individual statute (i.e. section number).
  4. Publisher of the code.
  5. Year.

T1.3 will be an indispensable source for reference, providing you with the information required for each state's statutory citation.

NOTE:  Remember to cite the year that the code was published, not the year the statute was published.  The date of the code is not necessarily the same as the year the statute was published.

Bluebook Quick Reference

B12 (p.18):  Bluepages rule for state statutes.

Rule 12.3.1 (p. 123):  Rule for code citation.

Rule 12.3.2 (p. 124):  Rules for citing the year of a code.

T1.3 (p. 248):  Entries for each state's statute citation formula.

State Statute Citation Checklist

Handy reference for citing state statutes:

  • Look at T1.3 for the required components of the citation as well as the proper abbreviation of the state code.
  • Make sure to use the year of the code, not the year of the statute.
  • Follow the format found in T1.3 to cite the statute.
  • If the information cited is found in a supplement, include the date of the supplement