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Topic Call Number
General World History D
History of the United States E 151-909
United States Local History F 1-975
British America, Canada, French America, Dutch America, Latin America F1001-1145
Great Britain DA
Europe DB - DR
Africa DT
Germany DD

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Selected Books

Cover art for A New History of Modern Latin America, Lawrence A. Clayton (author)
Cover art for 1989, James Carter and Cynthia Paces (authors)
Cover art for Empire of Liberty, Gordon S. Wood (author)
Cover art for China, Harold M. Tanner (author)
Cover art for A History of Britain, Simon Schama (author)

Selected eBooks

A People's History of Modern Europe, William A. Pelz (author)
A History of the Twentieth Century, Martin Gilbert (author)
Medieval or Early Modern, Ronald Hutton (author)
The Cause of All Nations, Don H. Doyle (author)
Cover art for A Concise History of Mexico, Brian Hamnett (author)

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