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Library Policies

Filming in the Library

Any commercial filming (including still photographers and video production companies photographing/taping for television news shows, cable shows, commercials, and documentaries) must be approved by the Jacksonville University Office of Marketing and Communications.

Jacksonville University students filming in the library for a class assignment must request permission from Allison Crawford at least three days before they wish to begin filming. 


  • Upon arrival at Swisher Library, students must make the circulation staff aware of their presence and the location they will be filming in.
  • Filming may not interfere with normal library business. Library personnel maintain the right to ask a filming individual/crew to pause, move or stop if they feel that the activity is an interference.
  • Appropriate working, research, learning and study conditions must be steadfastly and respectfully maintained for employees and users at all times.
  • Students may not block or impede traffic flow in the library as well as refrain from blocking any facilities, such as elevators stairs, and rest rooms.
  • Students should refrain from making changes to library facilities or furnishings (for example, changes to light fixtures, location of furniture, moving of books or shelving).
  • Film crews must leave library premises exactly as found. This includes picking up any trash or debris and removing any tape used during filming.
  • The library may not be held liable for crew or participant safety or for any damage or loss of equipment, materials, supplies, etc.
  • Filming is restricted to most public areas within the library during hours when the library is open to the public. Filming is not permitted on the lower level. All filming must be completed and equipment removed from the building at least 30 minutes prior to the posted closing time.