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Library Policies

Board Games

The Library offers a variety of board games for student use. Board games are available for checkout to all students, staff, and faculty with a valid Dolphin Card.

  • Board games have a loan period of 2 weeks with one renewal.
  • Late fees are $1.00 a day.
  • Board games must be returned to the Swisher Library during normal business hours. They cannot be returned through the book drop.
  • A replacement fee will be assigned to the most recent borrower for any missing pieces or damage to the box or other components up to the cost of the game.

Library staff strongly recommends that borrowers inspect the board game they are checking out before leaving the library so that they may immediately report any problems with the board game. Upon checkout, the borrower assumes full responsibility for the board game(s) and all components. All returned board games must be assessed for condition and components by the Library staff before being shelved.

If the board game is not returned 30 days after its due date it will be considered lost and the borrower will then be charged the full cost of replacing the item.


Item Loan Period Renewals Item Limit Fees
Board Game 2 weeks 1 renewal 1 $1 per day overdue fine, replacement fees starting at $20