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Interlibrary Loan

How To Request

There are lots of ways to request items through interlibrary loan.  The easiest ways are to use the ILL Request Form on this webpage, in our library catalog, or in one of our databases.  You can also make a request by email, calling 904-256-7275, or in person.

Requesting While Searching

Requesting through the Library Catalog:

Start your search in our general Library Catalog.

An image of the library website's catalog search box.

When you are searching through the Library Catalog, you can choose to search libraries worldwide by selecting the box under "Filters." 

Image of a general library catalog search, with a circle around the filter option for Libraries Worldwide.

When you find an item you like, use this button to request the item:

An image of an item details page in the library catalog, with a circle around the Request Item From Another Library button.

This will take you to the ILL request form, which sends an automated email to the ILL department for processing.

Requesting through the Databases:

Most, but not all, databases have a built-in option for requesting interlibrary loans.  The common examples are below.  If you cannot find an ILL request option in a database, please use the ILL Request Form or email us.

In EBSCO Databases (ex: Academic Search Complete, CINAHL):

If we own an item through EBSCO,  it will generally show "PDF Full Text" or "HTML Full Text" under the item information.  If ILL is an option for an unowned item, you will see the following link under the item:

Image of Request this Item Through Interlibrary Loan link in Ebsco search results, circled in red.

Clicking on this link will take you directly to an ILL Request Form.

In ProQuest Databases (ex: ProQuest Central, Nursing & Allied Health, ProQuest Biology):

When searching in a ProQuest Database, items we do not have in that database will have the option to check LinkSource for full text options.

An image of a search result in a Proquest Database.  The link for Check LinkSource for Full Text is circled in red.

This link will take you to possible alternative full text options.  If ILL is an option, you will see a link to the ILL Request Form.

An image of Full Text Finder Results, with the interlibrary loan request links circled in red.

In OVID Databases:

While searching in OVID, look for the small, green LinkSource logo.

In the search results:

An image of OVID search results, with the small, green and white LinkSource logo circled in red.

In the item details:

An image of an OVID item details page, with the small Link Source logo circled in red.

This will bring up a pop-up window with links to full text elsewhere, or the link for the ILL Request Form.

An image of the LinkSource pop up window, with the interlibrary loan request links circled in red.

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