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APA Guide 7th ed.

Formatting the Author (References List) (pp. 286-287)

Authors Rule Examples
No Author If no author given, move the title to author position; alphabetize entry by title. “Nursing techniques.” (2020).
1 Author Last Name, 1st initial. 2nd initial. Taylor, J. L.
2 Authors Last Name, 1st initial. 2nd initial., & Last Name, 1st initial. 2nd initial. Taylor, J. L., & Fields, M. L.
3 to 20 Authors

Provide surnames and initials for up to and including 20 authors.

Taylor, J. L., Jones, B. L., & Cox, X. Q.
21+ Authors If source has 21 or more authors, after the 19th author, insert an ellipses (no ampersand) (…) and then the final author’s name.

Apple, A., Bell, A. B., Copeland, A. B., Dennis, A. B., Edwards, A. B., Fant, A. B., Gaunt, A. B., Howard, A. B., Iachetta, A. B., Jones, A. B., Knuth, A. B., Lewis, A. B., McCarthy, A. B., Newberry, A. B., Orange, A. B., Plath, A. B., Quan, A. B., Reid, A. B., Stewart, A. B., . . . Zabel, R.

Hyphenated When given names are hyphenated, retain the hyphen and include a period after each initial byt no space. Taylor, A.-J.,
Suffixes Use commas to separate initials and suffixes such as Jr. and III Smith, A. A.., Jr., & Taylor, B. B.
Group Author (organization, association, company, etc.) Write out in full (don’t use abbreviations). American Psychological Association.