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APA Guide 7th ed.

Citing an Online Video (pp. 343-344)

Online Video Format:

Person or group who uploaded video. (Year, Month Day). Title of video in italics [Video]. Website host. http://url_of_website

YouTube Example:

Jacksonville University. (2019, September 16). This is Jacksonville University [Video]. YouTube.

TED Talk Example:

Pariser, E. (2011, March). Beware online "filter bubbles" [Video]. TED Conferences.

Tips for Citing an Online Video

  • When citing a YouTube video, credit the person or group who uploaded the video as the author, even if they did not create the work. (p. 344)
  • When citing a TED Talk video posted on YouTube, use the YouTube example and use the person who uploaded the video as the author.  However, if you viewed the video on, use the TED Talk example and credit the speaker as the author. (p. 344)
  • For help formatting the username, see page 287
  • For help with in-text citations, see page 274