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Florida Bar Character and Fitness Information Resources

Business Ownership

Business Ownership, Questions 15b, 17, and 18

According to the Bar, a business you have been associated with is defined as

"any corporation or other business entity of which you were an executive officer, director, general partner, trustee, sole proprietor, 20% or more equity owner, or the equivalent."

To find a business you have been associated with, look up your name or the business's name on the state's Secretary of State (or other registering agency) website for the state in which the business was incorporated. You can also search by your name or business's name using commercial business listing sites.

Most people refer to the Florida Division of Corporations site as Sunbiz. Remember that you have to search elsewhere for businesses you did not register with the state.

Question 15(b)

See the Tax Returns tab.

Question 17

Legal Proceedings are defined as "proceedings filed in any court, before any governmental board or agency, or before any arbitration board." See the specific information on the Civil and Family Records tab for more on finding litigation and hearing records.

Question 18

Unsatisfied Judgments include "any judgment, tax or other governmental lien or assessment, order, decree, or the equivalent." See the specific information on the Civil and Family Records tab and the Tax Returns tab.