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Florida Bar Character and Fitness Information Resources

Educational Records

Academic Transcripts, Questions 7 and 8

Question 7 asks for a listing of undergraduate schools attended, and requires transcripts from all undergraduate schools from which a student received an undergraduate degree, and other non-law graduate school credits, even if the credit was transferred to another school or is reflected on another school’s transcript, and transcripts from any post-secondary schools attended subsequent to law school.

Question 8 limits the information requested to law schools, except the current law school if the student is still attending.

Students should request that all transcripts be sent from each educational institution attended directly to the Board’s office and provide a copy of each request with your application. Typically, academic institutions provide a means of requesting official transcripts online, and permit that students designate a recipient and address. The Board does NOT accept transcripts via fax. You will have to request that they be mailed. 

Educational Institution Discipline,
Questions 9a and 9b

List all the times you were subjected to discipline by any educational institution post high-school. Include any accusations against you for violation of an honor code or student code of conduct, even if the accusation was dismissed as unfounded. List all instances of educational institution discipline from law school in question 9(b), and instances from all other institutions in question 9(a).

You must disclose everything, even if legal counsel advises you that you need not disclose it. This includes instances of academic discipline expunged from your record, and instances protected from disclosure by statute or regulation. This means that obtaining all of your disciplinary records from each academic institution you attended may not be sufficient. You must supplement the official record with records you may have in your possession regarding incidents expunged from your official record. If no records are available, document each incident from memory.


To order your educational transcript go to National Student Clearinghouse Transcript Services. If your school is not listed on this site, go to the school website to order your transcript.