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Florida Bar Character and Fitness Information Resources

Support Records - Child or Spousal

Support Obligations, Question 5

Answer "Yes" to this question if you were ever required to pay child, spousal or similar support, even if the obligation has passed.

While you are not required to submit the actual support order, a copy of that order may assist you in answering this question correctly. See the Civil & Family Records tab. You will have to provide the name and last known address of the support recipient to verify compliance with the support obligation.


To obtain a record of your court proceedings, start with the attorney who assisted you. Unless a significant amount of time has passed, they will likely have the records but they may charge you a fee for copies. You can also check with the clerk of courts in the jurisdiction of your court proceedings and check their  records. Many courts have free online access, but will likely charge you for official copies.

Delinquent Support Obligations

If you are currently delinquent in any support obligation, you will need to complete the Financial Affidavit provided by the Bar, and provide copies of any financial affidavits you submitted to the court. The Financial Affidavit can be found on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners site under Conversion Checklists and Supporting Forms.

Copies of any financial affidavit you submitted to a court can be obtained in the same manner as the support order. Again, see the Civil & Family Records page.