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Florida Bar Character and Fitness Information Resources

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If you cannot find the information to answer your question within this Guide, you may want to contact the Florida Board of Bar Examiners at (850) 487-1292.


Proof of citizenship (birth certificate or naturalization) or legal status (permanent resident card Form I-551, for example) must be submitted to the Board with your application. Contact JU International Student Services with immigration concerns.

Military Service

Questions 13a, 13b, 13c, 13d and 13e

This set of questions applies if you are or have ever been a member of the armed forces of the United States or any other nation. This includes the National Guard and reserves. Generally, a Member 4 copy of your DD214 (or the equivalent) will be needed for Questions 13(a) and 13(e). If you don't have Member 4 copy of your DD214, you can request it through the National Archives.

The bar examiners will request your service jacket, so be sure to include all non-judicial proceedings. Non-judicial proceeding are defined under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and include Captain's Masts, Court Martials, Administrative Board proceedings, and Administrative separation actions initiated.  All of these proceedings are listed in your military service records, which you can request through the National Archives.

Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction, Question 25

If you had a substance abuse issue in the past and if your situation requires you to answer in the affirmative to the question, you must do so. You should also contact Tom Taggart from Student Affairs as soon as possible.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may want to consider seeking mental health or substance abuse treatment. Learn more about the free JU Student Counseling Center (SCC) service and the Florida Lawyer's Assistance program, including a law student's information page.

Having sought counseling for stress or anxiety need not be disclosed. However, you do need to report treatment for the other types of mental health issues listed in the question. Remember that full candor and disclosure is the best policy. Again, contact Tom Taggart from Student Affairs if you have any doubts or questions.

Mental Health, Questions 26a, 26b, 26c, and 26d

Please look at the question and see if your individual circumstances qualify for disclosure per the plain language of the question. Contact your insurance company if you need specific dates and diagnoses. If you need information on a particular doctor, most states have sites to find doctors. 

Ask your insurance company and/or medical care provider about a medical information release to furnish applicable information to the Bar. If you saw a mental health practitioner in Florida, use the Florida Healthcare Practitioner License Verification link to find their current information.

Birth Certificates and other Vital Records

If you are a citizen of the United States, you must submit proof of this status with your application. Use the CDC Vital Statistics link to find where you can request your Birth Certificate.

Social Media and Web Pages

Social media postings and web pages may be inspected by the FBBE. Their formal policies are listed in this FBBE report (PDF document) at page 16.

Additionally, certain classes of applicants, including those that show "...significant candor concerns, including lack of candor in employment applications or resumes..." will be asked to provide access to their web accounts. While specific information from the websites is not sought in the application, please keep in mind your obligation of candor in answering all the Board's questions.

For further background you may want to read, Jessica Belle, Social Media Policies for Character and Fitness Evaluations, 8 Wash. J. L. Tech. & Arts 107 (2012).